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You’ve got useful data and processes. We not only know how to build scalable application programmable interfaces (APIs) to your systems, but we wrote the REST API guidelines that the telecommunications space uses. We’ve also built popular open source software libraries to help other developers do so as well.
Android and iOS, we’ve built business mobile apps, augmented reality apps, games, instant messenger apps, and more. We’ve streamlined the process in such a way that apps deploy on both Android and iOS at the same time with the quality and performance you would expect from a LaunchBadge project.
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Web Apps
The internet isn’t just for marketing. We’ve built CRMs, PRMs, API management tools, human resource software, telecommunication integration software, all on the web. This comes with the convenience of your tools or products being available from anywhere with the advantage of best practices in security.
While we are the #1 Hedera Hashgraph developer, we have expertise building on Ethereum, Stellar, and EOS. Wether your project is a decentralized application (dApp) or token project, we can help you.
The answer isn’t always new tools. Sometimes it’s just how we use our existing tools together to optimize our business processes, reducing costs & risk while improving revenue. Need to integrate Salesforce with your inventory management or invoicing service? Need to build in support ticket escalation with your supply chain partners? If there is a software interface, we can connect it.
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