It’s official. We’ve launched and we’re excited to support the Hedera™ Hashgraph community. Out of the box users can initiate the account creation process, load existing accounts, and create accounts on behalf of requestors.

MyHbarWallet was influenced by MyEtherWallet (MEW), the top wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. We wanted to make the experience of using Hedera familiar for those who are already active in the cryptocurrency space.

The team behind MyHbarWallet is the same core team that is actively contributing to the open source Hedera software development kits (SDK). MyHbarWallet was built using Vue.js. “It’s challenging, but exciting, to explore how to make interacting with HAPI simple. It was fun to nail down the ‘Create Account > Request > Enter Account ID’ process and get feedback from users of how intuitive it is at the end of it. Ultimately we were motivated by the fact that we’re building something that a lot of people are going to use. That’s sort of the end-goal for any creator…to see their stuff used.” said Ryan Leckey, CTO of MyHbarWallet

“By offering a browser-based, open-sourced wallet, MyHbarWallet is contributing greatly to the Hedera Hashgraph community,” said Jordan Fried, SVP of Business Development for Hedera. “We are thrilled that they have leveraged the API to make it easier for developers and users to set up an hbar wallet for use with applications running on the network.”

In the near future we can expect support for hardware wallets, multi-signature accounts, Hedera’s file service, and much more.